The Sanibest

The Sanibest is the only Saniflo product with an actual grinder. Sanibest is ideal for situations where hard matter could be flushed down the toilet. Sanibest can pump up to 12 vertical feet.


The Sanicompact

The Sanicompact is a selfcontained toilet with macerator and pump. It is ideal for use in very limited space situations and comes in 4 different models. It can pump up to 9 vertical feet.


The Sanipack

The Sanipack is a very small unit that can be hidden in a 6″ wall. It can handle a toilet, shower, and sink, etc, and can pump up to 9 vertical feet.


The Saniplus

The Saniplus can handle a complete bathroom installation, and is capable of pumping up to 12′ vertical feet.









Gerber offers a large collection of both residential and commercial plumbing fixtures.